Clock Restoration

* Please note a large selection of longcase clocks are availablefrom F.J. and R.D. Antique Longcase Clocks of Rotherham
Longcase clocks awaiting restoration
Dial after cleaning, re-silvering and new hands fitted
Dial Restoration & Re-silvering

Robert J.M. Holmes has been restoring fine quality antique clocks including; longcase, bracket, regulator and Vienna wall style clocks for 15 years.

Our clock restoration service includes:

  • Repair & restoration of all types of clock
  • Cleaning, reviving, re-polishing and
    re-waxing of clock cases
  • Bracket clocks re-ebonished
  • Movements fully restored and guaranteed for 2 years
  • Clock hands replaced in period style
  • Brass and painted dials sympathetically restored to the customers requirements

We have a vast experience of clock restoration undertaking commissions for both private and specialist antique dealers. We are happy to advise and provide a quotation for any type of antique clock.

Before restoration
Fine quality London Mahogany longcase clock
(circa 1760) after restoration
Oak & Mahogany 8 day longcase clock (circa 1790) after restoration