Robert J.M. Holmes Furniture Restoration specialises in the field of traditional French polishing. The traditional method requires expert knowledge and experience to achieve a perfect finish. French polish is applied to the surface by means of a polisher's ‘rubber’ to achieve a deep flawless finish. Traditional French polishing is undertaken using only high quality Shellac. Polishing and finishing services covers:

Edwardian inlayed occasional table before restoration

Polishing & Finishing

After restoration
  • Heat resisting French polish – provides a more durable finish for modern day use
  • Colour matching
  • Grain filling
  • Hand stripping
  • Touch up (rings and scratches)
  • Heat and water marks removed
  • Various wax finishes applied to achieve the desired antique finish
  • Old finishes revived
  • All repairs polished in to match
    the original finish
After restoration and re-polishing the contrast of the Satinwood inlay can be clearly seen against the rich colour of the Rosewood

Old and tired finishes can often be revived by other methods such as cleaning and
re-waxing, as opposed to re-polishing. This is vital in preserving the patina of antique furniture. We use only the highest quality beeswax polishes. Polishing and finishing services cover all antique and traditional furniture including:

Robert J.M. Holmes also undertakes restoration and re-polishing of interior woodwork. From 19th Century Oak panelling, to newly fitted Mahogany staircases and doors, our expert colour matching service can polish any new features to match those exisiting.

Edwardian Rosewood Wellington chest before restoration with dull, lifeless finish