Repair & Restoration

Our complete repair and restoration service covers all traditional methods of antique furniture restoration ranging from minor repairs of damaged veneers, to a complete new leg for a dining chair. Using only high quality materials and period timbers, we ensure that any repair work is completed to the highest standard. All new timbers, veneers or inlays added during the repair process are polished in and aged to match the original colour and finish. Our repair and restoration service covers:

  • Repairs to inlay, veneers, mouldings, feet, legs
  • Completely re-making and replacing parts
  • Worn drawer runners replaced
  • Chairs glued and re-strengthened
  • Desk re-leathering
  • Card & game table re-basing
  • Re-upholstery service available for all types of furniture

As part of the restoration of desks we offer a wide range of colours and toolings for replacement leathers, including antique effect leathers.

Robert J.M Holmes has vast experience of restoring all types of furniture though predominantly working on pieces from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods.
Desk Re-leathering
19th Century French Satinwood wine cooler before restoration
Ormalu removed for cleaning allowing repair & restoration of woodwork
After restoration
Ogee replacement foot
Edwardian kidney desk restored and re-leathered
Before restoration
Card & Game Table Re-basing
Restored and re-based Edwardian card table